IACEE 2021

#4: Transversal Skills: enriching undergraduate engineering programmes
Sonja Gögele, Gert Schweiger, Petra Kletzenbauer
#5: Learning in Practice for Practice: the Pros and Cons of Dual Study Programmes
Petra Kletzenbauer, Gert Schweiger, Sonja Gögele
#14: Make Curriculum Development More Agile
Thilo Harth
#18: The Improvements of System Management in Continuing Education and Training
Xiaotong Huang, Lei Wang, Liman Deng
#26: The Study and Practice of Online Education for Large-scale Cultivation of Engineering Staff
Yang Li, Xiaogeng Chen, Min Zhang, Meijuan Liu, Lining Yin
#45: Engineering in Sustainable Development by Tecnológico de Monterrey: An innovative educational career in sustainability for Mexico
José María Ariguznaga Uquidy, Lizbeth Javier Alvarado, Moises Duek Kalach, Patricia Olga Caratozzolo
#63: Choosing Ideation Methods: An Investigation of Methods Used in an Introductory Engineering Design Course
Elizabeth Starkey, Robin Tate