IACEE 2021

Trondheim is situated in the middle of Norway in the county of Tr√łndelag, where the river Nidelven flows into the Trondheim fjord. It is the third largest city of Norway with a population of around 180 000 people, with an additional population of over 33 000 students that make it a vibrant city with a lively culture and nightlife.

Aerial photo of Trondheim: NTNU Campus Trondheim, Trondheim City, Munkholmen Islet

NTNU Campus, Trondheim City and Munkholmen Islet. Photo: MM/NTNU

Trondheim is one of the oldest and most historically interesting cities in Scandinavia, with the majestic Nidaros cathedral as the most prominent attraction. Other sights are the old wharfs along the salmon river Nidelven, the authentic colorful houses at Bakklandet, and the monastery at Munkholmen, which is a small islet that can be reached by a shuttle boat from the local fishmarket Ravnkloa.

Bakklandet a quaint part of Trondheim City

Quaint wooden buildings at Bakklandet. Photo: K.T. Nesgaard/NTNU

The city is surrounded by a spectacular nature that invite for recreational activities, such as a promenade along the river Nidelven, hiking in the forrest of Bymarka, or jogging or fishing in the fjord at the natural path Ladestien. Trondheim offers a broad variety of museums, galleries, shops, and restaurants.